Flipper Zero Shipping Status

🇺🇸 The warehouse has shipped 100% of the US orders! Check your inbox for the tracking number. Domestic delivery usually takes a few business days.
🇺🇸 The warehouse finished unpacking everything yesterday, and has started shipping out all orders! If you haven't received your tracking information yet, please be patient, it will be with you soon! Thank you all for your support and patience throughout this whole situation 🧡
🇺🇸 Orders that didn’t include Flipper were shipped out. We are still waiting for the warehouse to unpack Flippers that arrived a week ago. All orders will be shipped out as soon as the inventory is stowed. Thank you for your patience.
🇺🇸 Tracking numbers have started going out for orders consisting of just accessories, other orders will follow soon!
🇺🇸 The shipment is currently on its way to our warehouse, where it will arrive later today. From this point, the shipment will be unpacked and sorted by the warehouse staff, and then prepared for shipment. Expect to receive your tracking number in the coming days :)
🇺🇸 Great news everyone! The shipment that was seized by US Customs almost a month ago has finally been released!

This means that instead of shipping from Hong Kong, we will begin shipping out these orders from our US warehouse likely next week.

More information soon to follow.
🇺🇸 While we wait for an official response from CBP we've sent a new small batch via a different logistics channel to check if this a global US import ban of Flipper Zero product or just an issue with this specific shipment. This cargo has successfully passed customs, which means there is no global ban on our product, which is comforting.

Therefore, while we work on releasing the original shipment, we've decided put Plan B in motion:
In the near future, we will send 50% of orders through an alternative delivery channel. If it is successfully delivered, we will send the other half of the orders.

We do this to reduce the risks — If we send all 100% of orders in one go and it gets delayed once again, we will not have devices in stock for such experiments.

Read the full post here: https://cdn.flipperzero.one/september-orders-update.html
🇺🇦 Ukrainian orders are expected to arrive to Kyiv customs around Tuesday. Don't get fooled by a stale tracking page, your parcel is moving!
🇺🇸 The small test batch that was sent to the US has officially passed customs, indicating that the issue was likely just with this container, and not with our products. Good news for us!
🇺🇸 The CBP Officer (Customs and Border Protection) told us that a Notice of Seizure would be sent 30 days after the seizure, which is roughly another 2 weeks away. While we wait for an official response from US CBP, we've sent a new small batch via a different logistics channel to check if this a global US import ban of Flipper Zero products or just an issue with this specific container.
🇷🇺 Из-за технической накладки передача последних двух партий российских посылок переносится на 10 и 12 октября. Приносим извинения :(
🇧🇾 We recently found out that all shipments to Belarus got stuck. Today some of them started receiving tracking updates. Please be patient and expect updates soon. We are keeping our eye on these shipments.
🇮🇱 We shipped 6 test orders to see if they pass customs successfully before shipping out all other orders. Thank you for your patience.
🇷🇺 Если вы купили Флиппер на Кикстартере или предзаказывали в нашем магазине, это сообщение для вас.

Даты передачи груза в Joom Logistics: 6 октября, 8 октября, 10 октября.

В понедельник 10 октября будут переданы последние оставшиеся заказы.
🇷🇺 Тестовая партия из 300 заказов успешно прошла таможню, многие уже получили свои заказы. К сожалению, склад Joom Logistics не готов принять сразу все 4500 оставшихся посылок. Мы уже отправили ещё 1100 заказов, осталось около 3400. Будем и дальше отправлять по ~1100 за раз, пока не отправим все, что произойдёт уже в ближайшие недели. Спасибо за терпение.
🇮🇱 We remember about Israeli shipments. New Flippers for Israeli customers are already in Hong Kong. We are waiting for the old shipments to return back. Please ignore "Confiscated by Customs" tracking updates, they are incorrect. We will reach out to you as soon as we receive parcels back and prepare the new shipments.
🇷🇺 Joom Logistics довезли тестовую партию (300 заказов) до РФ несколько дней назад, сейчас она находится на таможне. Как только партия успешно пройдёт таможню и будет передана Почте России, таким же способом отправим все остальные заказы. Треки будут обновлены после прохождения таможни. Надеемся, что это произойдёт в ближайшие дни.
🇺🇦 The warehouse started packing Ukrainian orders. All Ukrainian customers received tracking numbers. We will notify here additionally when the orders get shipped out from the warehouse.
🇺🇦 The deadline for address changes has passed. We locked the list of orders and are preparing the shipment now.
🇷🇺 300 тестовых посылок уже переданы Почте России и направляются в страну для прохождения таможни. Когда таможня будет успешно пройдена, поедут остальные 4500 посылок. Пока рассчитываем, что это произойдёт на следующей неделе.
🇺🇸 US orders have finally cleared customs, and will be handed over for delivery soon!
🇪🇺 EU orders have been handed over to couriers for last mile delivery. Please note that it might take several days for your tracking information to update while these orders are being processed by the couriers.
🇪🇺 EU orders have been released from customs, and will be handed over to couriers for delivery in the coming days.
🇺🇦 We are preparing to ship Ukrainian orders. Today you should've received an email from dolphin@flipperzero.one mentioning your current address we have on file. If it's incorrect, please reply to that letter with the new full address, including local phone number. You can do this before September 12th.
🇪🇺 🇺🇸 EU and US orders are currently undergoing customs clearance. You will see an update on your tracking information once these orders have passed through customs, and have been collected by the last mile courier.
🇪🇺 🇺🇸 Unfortunately, both EU and US flights are experiencing delays as we have had to rebook flights due to a payload problem. Luckily, these delays are not severe, and we should see these shipments arriving to customs soon.
🌐 Orders that are going to countries that were not previously mentioned are being shipped directly to the customer as they finish packing, if you haven't received an update yet it means your order will be packed and shipped to you very soon!
🇷🇺 Мы готовимся отправлять посылки в Россию с помощью нового логистического партнёра. Трек-номера сгенерированы и в ближайшие дни будут постепенно отправлены всем получателям. Пока склад переклеивает этикетки на новые, мы готовим подробное письмо со всей информацией о доставке. Пожалуйста, воздержитесь от вопросов агентам поддержки. Письмо, которое вы получите на днях, ответит на все вопросы. Спасибо за терпение 🧡
🇬🇧 UK orders have cleared customs, and are now being handed over for last mile delivery.
🇪🇺 The first freight transport flight containing EU orders has arrived at its destination, and the second leg of the flight is planned for departure soon.
🇬🇧 UK orders have arrived to the country, and are currently undergoing customs clearance. We do not have any estimations on when they will clear customs.
🇪🇺 🇺🇸 EU and US orders are waiting for their freight transport flights, which are planned to depart soon. For US customers, please note that your current tracking status is not accurate as your order is not actually in Smyrna, TN. This is a standard message for electronically declared packages, and you will see this update once these orders go through customs.
🇪🇺 🇬🇧 🇺🇸 Shipping labels have been purchased, which means tracking numbers have been sent out! Please note that your orders are currently being packed and prepared for shipment and have not actually been shipped yet, so it can take a while before you see any updates in your tracking information. We recommend using Parcelsapp to track your order for the most accurate tracking updates.
🇪🇺🇬🇧 Due to a mistake in logistics handling, all EU and UK tracking links are currently showing that these orders were cancelled. Please note that your order has not actually been cancelled, and will be shipped out normally as scheduled. New tracking numbers will be sent out soon.
📉 Since the pick up of the Russian batch is taking longer than expected, we updated the “shipped” counter above to reflect the actual situation.
🇷🇺 Пока мы убеждаемся, что все отправленные вами ПД были корректно обработаны СДЭКом, продолжается подготовка необходимых таможенных документов. Ничего нового сказать пока не можем.
🇧🇾 We probably found a way to ship to Belarus, and if everything goes fine, your order will be shipped in a week or two.
🇧🇾 It turns out our logistics partner can't ship to Belarus at all for the same well-known reason they don't ship to Russia. The only difference is that we found out about it at the last moment, a couple of days ago, when all 111 shipping labels got rejected. Rest assured, we are actively looking for a solution and will post here if anything changes. We are sorry for this :(
🇺🇦 Right now, we are making arrangements with a Ukrainian company to transport a batch of Flippers to Ukraine and deliver them to addresses. So far, it's just a negotiation, but we are optimistic. As soon as we know something specific, we will let you know here.
🇪🇺 54% of all EU orders have been delivered. We wish it was faster, but last mile shipping is out of our control. However, we keep pushing our logistics partner to make sure there are no extra delays.
🇷🇺 СДЭК занимается ручной обработкой присланных вами паспортных данных и просит на это ещё несколько дней. Параллельно готовим бумаги для таможни. Напишем здесь, когда что-нибудь прояснится.
🌎 We shipped all RoW orders except Belarus (please wait for additional announcements) and ~50 orders that require manual error correction. 🥳
🇪🇺 Thursday morning we were informed by our logistics partner that there was an issue with data transfer of EU Wave 1 orders, which resulted in last mile couriers being unable to process all shipments properly. This has since been resolved, and EU Wave 1 orders are now correctly being handed over for last mile delivery.
🇪🇺 EU2 has cleared customs. It will be handed over to last mile couriers in a couple of days.
🇷🇺 Кажется, СДЭК придумал способ привезти груз в РФ. Как только всё подтвердится и будет известна дата рейса, обязательно опубликуем здесь.
🌎 25% of RoW orders now have tracking numbers and are being packed. The rest will follow in a couple of days.
🇪🇺 EU1 has been handed over to last mile couriers yesterday. EU2 is in Amsterdam and is undergoing customs clearance.
🇷🇺 Всё ещё ждём решения по перевозке от СДЭКа. Выданные трек-номера в любом случае актуальны, перевозка внутри РФ будет организована СДЭКом. Текущий статус «Создана накладная» — это нормально, потому что груз ещё в Гонконге. Если на этой странице нет более новой информации, значит у нас её нет в принципе.
🌎 We need some time to prepare shipping labels, so we expect to start shipping RoW on Monday. You will get tracking numbers soon.
🇪🇺 EU: First half has been released from customs and will be handed over to last mile courier soon. Arrival of the second half to Amsterdam is delayed to July 14th due to cargo flight cancellation.
🇺🇸 US: Customs passed, 50% delivered
🇷🇺 RU: Упаковка российских заказов завершена. Из-за санкций у СДЭКа трудности с организацией рейса из Гонконга в Россию. Как только будет найден способ доставить груз, оповестим дополнительно.
🇪🇺 EU: First half is in the Netherlands, undergoing customs clearance. Second half is packed, will be in the Netherlands on July 11th.
🇺🇸 US: Undergoing customs clearance. Longer than usual because of the holiday.
🇷🇺 RU: Все трек-номера выданы, заказы упаковываются. Ожидаем закончить упаковку к 13 июля.
🌎 Rest of the world: Will start packing and shipping after July 13th.
🇬🇧 UK batch is in London and has already been released by customs! Packages are being handed over to the last mile courier right now. Expect tracking updates this week.
🇪🇺 The first half of the EU batch is packed and is awaiting flight. Expected departure for it is on July 2nd. The second half of the EU batch is currently being packed.
🇺🇸 The US batch is packed and is awaiting flight. Expected departure is on July 2nd.
🇷🇺 Заказы в Россию постепенно загружаются в СДЭК. На этой неделе вы получите SMS с просьбой предоставить паспортные данные. Пожалуйста, сделайте это, это необходимо для прохождения таможни.

We will post more ETAs as soon as we get them from the logistics partner.
🇬🇧 Our warehouse finished packing the UK batch. We booked a flight that leaves Hong Kong this Friday and lands at Heathrow on Sunday (after a layover in Tokyo). Will keep you updated about the customs next week.
🇪🇺 Due to errors in some addresses that require manual fixing, we now expect to finish packing the first half of the EU batch on June 28th. Good news: a truck loaded with Flippers for the second half of the EU batch is on its way to Hong Kong.
🇷🇺 Русские дельфины готовы и вместе с европейскими отправляются в Гонконг.
🇷🇺 Кикстартер-бэкеры с российскими адресами получили предупреждение о блокировке адресов. 27-го июня адреса будут заблокированы, за 48 часов предупредим ещё раз. Предзаказавшие в нашем магазине этих писем не получают, это норма. Все предзаказы тоже будут отправлены в этой партии.
📦 We have received the packing completion estimations from the warehouse:
- 🇬🇧 June 20th
- 🇪🇺 June 23th (first part of the batch)
- 🇺🇸 June 28th
After warehouse workers finish packing, we will book a cargo flight for your dolphins and update you here. We ship a batch as soon as it's packed. For example, we won't wait for EU to finish packing to ship UK.
🇷🇺 Прямо сейчас производятся устройства для отправки в Россию. Их отгрузка на склад ожидается на последней неделе июня. Примерно тогда же будут заблокированы адреса у бэкеров с Кикстартера. Когда партия будет отгружена, мы сообщим здесь.
🇪🇺 Additional clarification regarding the EU/UK batch. We divided the batch into two halves. The first half (UK + part of EU) is being packed in the warehouse (as mentioned before). The remainder will be handed over to the warehouse next week.
🇺🇸 There was a limited stock of Flippers available for the United States. Devices for these orders are also already in the warehouse, together with the EU/UK batch. Right now batches are being packed in the following order: UK->EU->US. We will publish ETAs for this as soon as we get them from the warehouse.
🚚 The EU/UK batch production and quality control have been finished. Dolphins were loaded into the truck and are currently on their way from the Chinese factory to the Hong Kong warehouse. We expect them to arrive in the warehouse by Monday, where we'll start packing them into individual parcels.
🇪🇺 We have started preparing the EU/UK batch. European Kickstarter backers received email reminders from BackerKit since we are locking the addresses next Friday. Both Kickstarter pledges and pre-orders will be shipped in this batch.
🇦🇺 FINALLY, Australian Customs finished processing the batch and released it. Flippers will start reaching Australian customers this week.
🎉 The long-awaited blog update is finally out! Read now: 23,000 Devices Shipped! Updated shipping schedule is also there.
🙂 Good news: we delivered 96% of Canadian orders, American Wave3 batch is already in the US and passed the customs, the numbers above are not broken anymore. We are planning to publish the long-awaited blog update about the next batches tomorrow.

🙁 Not so good news: Australian batch is STILL under customs, it's been 20 days. I wish we could speed this up, but everything is fine from our side...
👌 I'll be short. Wave2-CA: 55% delivered. Wave2-AU: still under customs. Wave3: will land in the US on May 9th. Next batches: waiting for the ETAs from the factories to post an update on the blog. Numbers above: stuck because of the API outage, the real delivered number is over 9000!
🕑 While both Wave2-AU and Wave2-CA dolphins slowly swim through the customs, I have an update about the Wave3 batch. Warehouse workers reported that they expect to finish packing by May 6th. We also plan to post a new blog update next week regarding the coming waves, such as the EU.
🤯 A lot of news for today! The Wave2-AU batch is still undergoing Australian customs clearance. The Wave2-CA batch has just landed in Toronto. We also started packing 8154 orders for the Wave3 batch that goes to the US, and generated tracking numbers for them. The big number hits 20k! 👏
✈️ The AU part of the Wave2 batch lands in Australia today. Look for a nice surprise on your tracking page next week.
🛬 The US part of the Wave2 batch has landed in the United States 10 hours ago. We expect first parcels to be delivered coming week.
🇺🇸 While we pack AU/CA/US batch (Wave2) in Hong Kong, we are already preparing Wave3, which includes all remaining United States orders. BackerKit will lock Kickstarter addresses in ~48 hours from now.
🤏 The AU/CA/US batch arrives at our Hong Kong logistics hub today. Warehouse workers will spend the next few days packing all orders into individual parcels before we finally ship them by air. The number above has already increased to 12k because the labels are pre-generated. Almost there!
🚚 The AU/CA/US batch is being transferred from Shenzhen factory to our Hong Kong logistics hub. Due to COVID-related cross-border trucking limitation it takes 4-5 days instead of 1 day, so the shipping is postponed to the next week.
📦 A batch of 10.7k Flippers is being prepared: all AU/CA devices, all white US devices, some of the black US devices. Both Kickstarter and pre-orders. Will ship next week. Stay tuned!
💪 Shenzhen's lockdown is over. Our factories are back in business and are producing Flippers for the next batches.
❗️Shenzhen's one-week COVID lockdown affects all factories, including ours, which introduces Flipper Zero production delay.

Shipping plan in the last update was edited to reflect this delay.