As of May 28 17:07 UTC

We shipped 20894 orders

18754 of them have already been delivered

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πŸ‡¦πŸ‡Ί FINALLY, Australian Customs finished processing the batch and released it. Flippers will start reaching Australian customers this week.
πŸŽ‰ The long-awaited blog update is finally out! Read now: 23,000 Devices Shipped! Updated shipping schedule is also there.
πŸ™‚ Good news: we delivered 96% of Canadian orders, American Wave3 batch is already in the US and passed the customs, the numbers above are not broken anymore. We are planning to publish the long-awaited blog update about the next batches tomorrow.

πŸ™ Not so good news: Australian batch is STILL under customs, it's been 20 days. I wish we could speed this up, but everything is fine from our side...
πŸ‘Œ I'll be short. Wave2-CA: 55% delivered. Wave2-AU: still under customs. Wave3: will land in the US on May 9th. Next batches: waiting for the ETAs from the factories to post an update on the blog. Numbers above: stuck because of the API outage, the real delivered number is over 9000!
πŸ•‘ While both Wave2-AU and Wave2-CA dolphins slowly swim through the customs, I have an update about the Wave3 batch. Warehouse workers reported that they expect to finish packing by May 6th. We also plan to post a new blog update next week regarding the coming waves, such as the EU.
🀯 A lot of news for today! The Wave2-AU batch is still undergoing Australian customs clearance. The Wave2-CA batch has just landed in Toronto. We also started packing 8154 orders for the Wave3 batch that goes to the US, and generated tracking numbers for them. The big number hits 20k! πŸ‘
✈️ The AU part of the Wave2 batch lands in Australia today. Look for a nice surprise on your tracking page next week.
πŸ›¬ The US part of the Wave2 batch has landed in the United States 10 hours ago. We expect first parcels to be delivered coming week.
πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ While we pack AU/CA/US batch (Wave2) in Hong Kong, we are already preparing Wave3, which includes all remaining United States orders. BackerKit will lock Kickstarter addresses in ~48 hours from now.
🀏 The AU/CA/US batch arrives at our Hong Kong logistics hub today. Warehouse workers will spend the next few days packing all orders into individual parcels before we finally ship them by air. The number above has already increased to 12k because the labels are pre-generated. Almost there!
🚚 The AU/CA/US batch is being transferred from Shenzhen factory to our Hong Kong logistics hub. Due to COVID-related cross-border trucking limitation it takes 4-5 days instead of 1 day, so the shipping is postponed to the next week.
πŸ“¦ A batch of 10.7k Flippers is being prepared: all AU/CA devices, all white US devices, some of the black US devices. Both Kickstarter and pre-orders. Will ship next week. Stay tuned!
πŸ’ͺ Shenzhen's lockdown is over. Our factories are back in business and are producing Flippers for the next batches.
❗️Shenzhen's one-week COVID lockdown affects all factories, including ours, which introduces Flipper Zero production delay.

Shipping plan in the last update was edited to reflect this delay.